First published in 2013, Running Like a Girl has now been published in thirteen countries including the US (Scribner), the Netherlands (Arbeiderspers) and Spain (Ediciones Urano).

Very funny, very honest and very emotional, whether you’re in serious training or thinking about running for the bus, this is a book for anyone who after wine and crisps for supper a few too many times thinks they might . . . just might . . . like to run like a girl.

“Life affirming, liberating and fun” Jojo Moyes

“Her honesty is winning … What’s truly excellent about this book, though, is its generosity. Heminsley wants to help other women to run” Miranda Sawyer, OBSERVER

“If you’ve ever wept “Why do I want to run?”, your answer is here.” Caitlin Moran

“Candid, funny and inspiring, this is part personal journey, part “how to” guide for female runners.” RUNNERS WORLD

“A meditation (slash romp) on running, life and love. Penned in her own inimitable style, the book is a funny tread through the raft of body insecurities and mental anguish we all go through when we put on our trainers.” GRAZIA 

“An emotional whirlwind split into two perfect halves. First is the story of Heminsley’s own running journey – from being certain that she wasn’t a runner at all, to completing five marathons . . . The second half offers the most practical advice on ‘how to run like a girl’, invaluable, as once you finish the book, even the most unenthusiastic of sportswomen will be longing to pull on the Lycra and run for the hills.” PSYCHOLOGIES