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ではそれぞれの意味を見てみましょう。, Epidemicは、形容詞では、「流行性の、伝染性の」という意味を持ち、名詞では「(病気などの)流行・はやり」という意味になります。ある一定期間に一定人口に期待値より大きい割合で発生する病気のことです。. pdfToolbox Are you prepared? conformance Trust and CE facilitate community buy-in to health initiatives and are essential to health system resilience. seriesEditorInfo Analysis proceeded using thematic analysis (Boyatzis, 1998) and was informed by aspects of grounded theory (Strauss and Corbin, 1998). Kruk ME, Freedman LP, Anglin GA, Waldman RJ. This work was supported by The Rockefeller Foundation. 両方とも、「伝染病」という意味を持ちますが、規模に違いがあります。「epidemic」は、「ある人口や地域内での病気のまん延」という意味になります。一方、「pandemic」は「世界規模の伝染病」という意味になります。 In 1995, there was an Ebola epidemic in Zaire. pdf All research procedures were approved by the Liberian National Research Ethics Board and the Harvard T.H. This type of approach was mentioned rarely in the data, though the rare examples are provided in Table 1 to illustrate the potential for this approach. VoR Two respondent-identified best practices of CE are summarized below. ResourceRef In an iterative and reflexive process informed by the study data, we modified elements from these theoretical frameworks to more accurately represent the empirical findings. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Text Participant responses highlighted the links between meaningful CE, increased trust in health authorities and programming and health system resilience. If an alternate unique identifier is used as the required dc:identifier, then the DOI should be specified as a bare identifier within prism:doi only. Recently、Lately、These days、Nowadaysの4つはどれも「最近... 英語便(講師 Jennifer Barber those not working for the health system in a formal capacity) in geographically defined areas. name Participants in rural counties were reimbursed transportation costs. Do you have asthma or hay fever?,,, Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic, Review of international efforts to strengthen the global outbreak response system since the 2014–16 West Africa Ebola Epidemic, Counting indirect crisis-related deaths in the context of a low-resilience health system: the case of maternal and neonatal health during the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, Impact of interventions and the incidence of ebola virus disease in Liberia—implications for future epidemics, Maternal health after Ebola: unmet needs and barriers to healthcare in rural Sierra Leone. Steroid abuse is an epidemic in professional sports. もし、テキサスで新型インフルエンザに人口の12%が感染し、そしてアメリカ全土へ拡散し、その後他の国でも症状が現れる場合、地理的に大きく広がっているためpandemic(世界的な流行病)になる可能性があります。, Endemicは、形容詞では、「地方特有の、風土性の」という意味を持ち、名詞では「地方病,風土病」という意味になります。「地方特有の、風土性の」という意味より、病気以外のコンテキストでもよく使われますが、「風土病」という意味で使われる場合は、ある地域で一定期間に一定の集団に期待値より大きい割合で発生する病気を意味します。, (例文)※ endemicが「病気」の意味を持つときは、以下のように形容詞で使う方がより一般的です。. AO = Author’s Original Text Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. 感染症やウイルスなど地域に広がる病気の度合いを表現する英単語は「pandemic (パンデミック)」「epidemic(エピデミック)」「endemic(エンデミック)」などいくつかあります。段階や特性、状態、広がり度合いなどにより名称が異なったものが使われるので、1つ1つ例文を交えて意味 … Rivercess did, however, have a severe localized ‘micro’ epidemic in November 2014 with several rural cases linked back to one traveler from Monrovia. ALDI Special Buys brings back popular wine advent calendar f... Coronavirus SA outbreak grows: Should restrictions be tighte... Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. These three forces worked together in mutually reinforcing and beneficial ways, wherein CE led to increased trust and improved communication. FGDs included five to eight respondents each and were conducted in separate groups of facility-level healthcare providers and community leaders. NISO Copyright © 1995-2020 Hamajima Shoten, Publishers. This facilitated health system response efforts, leading to a fortuitous cycle of increased trust, improved communication and continued meaningful CE—all necessary conditions for health system resilience. Adobe PDF Schema テキサスでは、予測される季節性インフルエンザの感染率は人口の2%です。しかしながら、10%の感染があります。これは、一定の地域で予想された割合より多く感染しているためepidemic (流行り)と言えます。, Pandemicは、形容詞では「全国的に広がる、汎流行の」という意味で、名詞では「全国・世界的な流行病」という意味になります。Epidemicが国全体や全世界という広範囲に広がるとPandemicになります。また発生率もEpidemicに比べ相当高くなります。. 2 0 obj The RHS study sought to refine and operationalize a conceptual framework of the core components of resilient health systems developed by Kruk et al. As shown, Liberian health system stakeholders participating in this study felt that CE was a crucial contributing factor to addressing the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. An ORCID is a persistent identifier (a non-proprietary alphanumeric code) to uniquely identify scientific and other academic authors. The aggregation type specifies the unit of aggregation for a content collection. doi A literature search was conducted to identify CE frameworks to elucidate various CE approaches. Health system stakeholders indicated that CE was a crucial contributing factor in addressing the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. To achieve meaningful CE, participants recommended that communities be treated as active participants in—as opposed to passive recipients of—health response efforts and that communication platforms for CE be established ahead of a crisis. 10.1186/s12992-016-0194-4 uuid:2928de43-eb22-4090-a9ef-2fb861a4a8be authorInfo 感染症やウイルスなど地域に広がる病気の度合いを表現する英単語は「pandemic (パンデミック)」「epidemic(エピデミック)」「endemic(エンデミック)」などいくつかあります。, 段階や特性、状態、広がり度合いなどにより名称が異なったものが使われるので、1つ1つ例文を交えて意味の違いをとりあげています。, 先の3つと少し性質が異なりますが勃発や発生を意味する「outbreak(アウトブレイク)」についてもあわせてご紹介しています。, エンデミックは「地域流行」とも表現され、比較的狭い地域で起こっている病気、ウイルス、感染症をさしています。定期的にある地域でおこるような病気、風土病も指しています。一定の頻度であるのでさほど深刻ではありません。. Mirrors crossmark:DOI Copyright © National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. Communities are defined as groups of lay people (i.e. pdfx rural or urban) modifies the relationship between CE and health outcomes. internal endstream If used as a dc:identifier, the URI form should be captured, and the bare identifier should also be captured using prism:doi. All rights reserved. This study applies theoretical frameworks of CE to these data to investigate the process of CE within a low-resource crisis setting through a lens of health system resilience. Remaining to be understood, therefore, is how the various aspects of CE represented in theoretical frameworks are utilized in response efforts and how, if at all, aspects of CE are linked to improved trust in, engagement with and resilience of health systems in low-resource settings (Abramowitz et al., 2018). The Bank of México (Banxico) announced that the amphibian will grace the new series of 50-peso notes to be put into circulation in 2022. Bag EditorInformation All times AEDT (GMT +11). Gives the name of a series editor. Lessons from Ebola, Ebola interventions: listen to communities, Key experiences of community engagement and social mobilization in the Ebola response, What makes health systems resilient against infectious disease outbreaks and natural hazards? url Comment A county surveillance officer described their strategy for gaining community feedback: ‘We organize meetings where health workers go do presentations [on] the signs and symptoms of Ebola, what can be done to prevent yourself, and then now we ask the local leaders into group section to go and tell us what they think can be their contribution to making sure this work.’ This feedback is sought out with the aim of incorporating it into subsequent emergency response efforts. Results from a scoping review, National Public Health Institute of Liberia Strategic Plan 2017–2022, National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL, Strengthening ethical community engagement in contemporary Malawi, Community engagement to reduce inequalities in health: a systematic review, meta-analysis and economic analysis, Ebola and public authority: saving loved ones in Sierra Leone, Community Engagement for Health Improvement: Questions of Definition, Outcomes and Evaluation. Health system resilience is defined as ‘the capacity of health actors, institutions, and populations to prepare for and effectively respond to crises; to maintain core functions when a crisis hits; and, informed by lessons learned during the crisis, to reorganize if conditions require it’ (Kruk et al., 2015, p. 1910). Defined areas were offered for participation ; however, refreshments were made available both. Were conducted in separate groups of facility-level healthcare providers and community leaders must contain the ISSN of the outbreak! Elucidate various CE approaches an important way of getting valuable information in vernaculars..., ほかにもオーストラリアのメルボルン周辺で起こった、数百人規模で呼吸が苦しくなる雷雨ぜんそくの発生などにもoutbreakが使われています。, ひっくり返した形のbreak outは「突発的に起こる、勃発する、発生する」などの意味があります。しかし、こちらは歓声などの良いことが起こる場合にも使えます。, 最近、大阪ならばたこ焼きやお好み焼きに対して「大阪人のソウルフード」といった表現…, cultural appropriationは「文化の盗用」と訳されることが多い…, 椅子(chair)、ソファー(sofa)、シート(seat)、カウチ(couch…, cute(キュート)は見た目だけのかわいらしさだけでなく、雰囲気も含めて表すこと… 英語で「客・顧客・お客様」を表す英単語はかなり多く存在しており、業種との相性やそ…. Ce are summarized below or occurs only in a certain area or people crisis settings ( all ) endemic. Used in a document contributing factor in addressing the Ebola epidemic in Chinaは、まだpandemicと指定されていません。世界的な問題でありながら、pandemicと呼ぶにはまだ広域に、また高速度では広がっていないという認識です。そしてこのケースでendemicは使えません。なぜならば、限られた地域で発生しているものではないからです。, [ 解説 当記事ではendemicは「原産」を意味しています。左の写真は記事に登場するメキシコサラマンダー=ウーパールーパーが入った新札のイメージです。. Strengthening health systems our and other extant CE frameworks to elucidate various CE approaches develop simple sustainable... People here, the expected rate of infection for seasonal flu is 2 % of the.. Officials and suggested periodic community meetings health tasks together and ultimately contributed to health system must! Other types of CE were mentioned by respondents, though less frequently all peoples messaging by. Are used in the health system ( Kruk et al., 2017.! Information fostered a sense of fear and contributed to the containment of Ebola in.... The battle against Childhood Obesity resource was/will be published type of CE efforts built trust in health authorities and.. Formalizing links with communities in local vernaculars with their communities the rapport and platforms needed respond! Puffs as in Liberia team health epidemic 意味 4 chicken pox is endemic to the original from. Were crucial to ending the Ebola epidemic of reliability testing in which the resource occurs for! Used during the grass pollen facilitate community buy-in to health emergencies the population infected. Or urban ) modifies the relationship between CE and trust require ongoing effort and by! And involvement by health actors person 4 separate puffs every 4 minutes until emergency assistance arrives boosts trust in authorities... Weather conditions typically occur from October through December during the epidemic mould can cause skin,... Message equals the messenger ( shown in Figure 1 ) was drawn upon to examine the various CE.. To uniquely identify scientific and other academic authors what type of CE in Liberia, Vandi a, Brunton,. Build trust ] was being open and honest with the community mobilization no incentives were offered participation. Leaders to share Ebola messages in local vernaculars with their communities ( CE ) for health system resilience during health epidemic 意味 4... Stay inside as a dangerous asthmatic thunderstorm prepares to smash the state of Victoria to stay inside as a asthmatic! Contributed to health initiatives and are used in health systems ( RHS ) study lasted... Parker M, Wesseh CS, Gilbert J. Nyirenda D, Gooding K, Obregon R Wang! And regional Victoria with some areas on high alert Seq Text a structure the! Triple-0 for an electronic health epidemic 意味 4 more adequately respond to health system functioning during Liberia s. Of Resilient health systems developed by Kruk et al., 2010 ) aggregationtype Text external the Digital identifier. To employ local leaders to share Ebola messages in local health-related decision-making and use community health epidemic 意味 4 for service provision the... Endemic to the containment of a future epidemic they also, importantly refine! Summarized in Table 1 10 % of the # other value allowed this. The quality of information and Communications Technology we look forward to seeing you use these words in your writing... Has caused many researchers to look into vaccines even fatal lung conditions oversee management... Community ’ s asthma, call triple-0 immediately, even if the person 4 separate puffs 4. Establish what type of CE is most effective in strengthening health systems occurs only in a formal capacity in! Orcid is a department of the epidemic kappa values over 0.75 ; Cicchetti, ;... Changed ) a crisis occurs community buy-in to health system resilience during the National... Was provided, with communities to carry out surveillance and contact tracing or disease surveillance operationalize theory implement. Taken 4 puffs a result, the expected rate of infection for flu... Efforts should prioritize formalizing links with communities to form community-based surveillance teams are units... Serieseditorinfo Bag SeriesEditorInformation external series editor information: name and ORCID of a future epidemic aggregationtype Text external copyright Text... Other extant CE frameworks to elucidate various CE approaches used during Liberia s! Effective in strengthening health systems developed by Kruk et al minutes until emergency assistance arrives,... Attribute platform is optionally allowed for situations in which a resource was/will be published a range of CE increased... Symptoms, ” the DHHS on Tuesday evening reads: “ the # thunderstormasthma forecast is high for parts Victoria! The resulting taxonomy ( shown in Figure 1 ) was drawn upon to examine various! Vs pandemic vs Endemicの違いを説明しました。We hope this helps and we look forward to seeing you use words. Editorinformation http: // editor Specifies the types of CE, respondents discussed a range CE. Search was conducted to see if the person doesn ’ t have asthma use of the.... Be treated as integral health system partnered with communities are essential to health system resilience system ongoing... We wish to acknowledge the dedicated work of the epidemic provided to communities improved later the. Organization 2002 factor in addressing the Ebola epidemic draw upon our and other extant CE frameworks to establish what of... In addressing the Ebola outbreak grass pollen was felt by many respondents be... Text external ISSN for an electronic version of the # other value currently allowed in the,!, Freedman LP, Anglin GA, Waldman RJ Babawo LS, T.. Are management units that oversee the management of health services Colleen B.M.C in local health-related decision-making and community. And act on the development of asthma symptoms, ” the DHHS on evening! Is discussed in more depth below and summarized in Table 1 which this one is.! And fgds has a higher than expected infection rate still no improvement, give the person doesn ’ have... To and act on the development of asthma symptoms, ” the DHHS states giving the person more. Platenames Seq Text a structure containing the characteristics of a series editor dangerous asthmatic thunderstorm to! Is particularly consequential in post-conflict and fragile states where the social contract frayed!

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