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All of this means that winning is based solely on your racecraft, there are no team politics and no-one has an unfair advantage. EƒMƒ„EƒXƒvƒŠƒ“ƒO“™ƒXƒyƒAƒp[ƒc‘½”‚ ‚è ‚Ì‚ÅA‚»‚ÌŒã‚Í”„‚èŽè‘¤‚Ì•û‚Æ’¼ÚŒðÂ‚µ‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B, EƒGƒ“ƒWƒ“@B18C‚ð‚QƒŠƒbƒ^[‰»@ƒI[ƒo[ƒz[ƒ‹Œã–¢‘–s In their single outing in prehaps the most prestigous endurance race in Malaysia at the time, MERITUS outlasted the competition to take home the gold. ˆïéŒ§‰ºÈŽsŠF—t1683-1 We all share the dream of reaching the Pinnacle of Motorsport, F1.

Since expanding to Asia 25 years ago MERITUS has accumilated 36 FIA Asian titles, winning at every level of the sport under Formula 1 (F4, F3, F2): Currently promoting, organising and providing all engineering services to the FIA F4SEA Championship, focusing on developing young talent in the industry and creating the next geneartion of International Motorsport Heroes. The 2020 French F4 Championship is the tenth season to run under the guise of the French F4 Championship and the third under the FIA Formula 4 regulations.

Partnering with Petronas, MERITUS won the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia Series, marking their first return to GT’s since the TMC Costin days. Taking their first step up in the category MERITUS entered the 1994 Formula 3000 championship.


F4 SEA drivers without a National C License can take part in the F4SEA Licensing Academy to earn a National C License.

MERITUS continued their success in the Formula BMW category in the third incarnation of the championship, the JK Racing Asia Series, after BMW pulled out of Formula racing.

To do that you need to earn 40 super license points. Rio of course went on to become Indonesia’s first F1 driver. In 1983 the Thompson family formed the Thompson Motorsport Company, which would go on to become MERITUS.GP. Leading European Chief Engineers and winning race engineers to ensure performance, Dedicated no.

Formula 4 South East Asia offer one of the most cost effective routes for young athletes to reach Formula 1. What sets MERITUS apart from other teams is their 25 years experience activating motorsport in Asia. In partnership with Frank Costin, TMC designed and built the TMC Costin – the first ever Irish Sports Car. MERITUS won the championship 5 times with: After finding success in single-seaters, MERITUS developed a passion for the category which would define their now thirty year history. Formula 4 South East Asia (F4SEA) is organised and operated by the MERITUS.GP team in Asia. [1], Bold – PoleItalics – Fastest Lap† — Did not finish, but classified, "2019 FIA-F4選手権 第1/2戦 岡山大会エントリーリスト (2019 FIA-F4 Championship Round 1/2 Okayama Tournament Entry List)", "2019 FIA-F4 Championship Round 3/4 Fuji Tournament Entry List", "2019 FIA-F4 Championship Round 7/8 Fuji Tournament Entry List", "2019 FIA-F4 Championship Round 9/10 Autopolis Tournament Entry List", "2019 FIA-F4 Championship Round 11/12 SUGO Tournament Entry List", "2019 FIA-F4 Championship Round 13/14 Motegi Tournament Entry List", "2019 FIA F1 World Championship Japan Grand Prix Support Race FIA-F4 Suzuka Round Special Game canceled due to approaching typhoon",, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 March 2020, at 12:32. MERITUS targeted Formula BMW which was the premier driver development platform in the mid 2000’s, and matched the team’s passion of creating International Motorsport Heroes. ’}”g‘æˆêHê The "2019 FIA Formula 1 World Championship Round 17 Japan Grand Prix Race" will be held at Suzuka Circuit on October 11-13, 2019 first time as a support race event. Seeing the potential of the high-performance Costin, the team decided to go racing and entered every available British and Irish GT Championship, setting tracks ablaze with the first ever Irish Sports Car. 2016@FCR-F@ƒ`ƒƒƒ“ƒsƒIƒ“ Formula 4 SEA is an FIA single-organiser championship run by MERITUS, a GP team of Great Professionals.

Because of the one-team structure, F4SEA has an open data policy which means that every racer can check any driver’s data. フォーミュラカー(fj1600・スーパーfj・fia-f4・jaf-f4・fcj等)のused car フォーミュラレーシングカーの中古車情報ページです。 私どもは売り手と買い手を繋ぐだけで、売買に関しての責任を負いません。 ‰¿Ši@SOLD OUT, ç—tŽ––±Š The driver must also provide: MERITUS are a multi-championship-winning International Motorsport team providing a platform of key motorsport services as the exclusive F4SEA team. MERITUS have also created the MERITUS Awards Gala, an annual black-tie event, designed to bring Asian motorsport to greater levels of recognition in the international arena and promote driver development programmes globally. Reaching their highest point in 2010 with the GP2 Asia series, MERITUS won the vice-championship, before the series ended and the team refocused on organising championships geared at young driver development. This ensures: You can check the data of every car to make sure that everything is equal and no-one has an unfair advantage. During its time in GP2 Asia the team raced: The team continued in the renamed Formula BMW Pacific, winning the 2008 and 2009 championships with Ross Jamison and Rio Haryanto.

So its all about the driver.

Stepping up a tier to the V6-powered Formula Renault which sat somewhere between F3 and F2, MERITUS won both the 2007 and 2008 Championships. AsiaCup was a championship focused on developing young talent in the motorsport industy, giving a start to many young drivers including: Continuing their winning streak from Formula BMW, MERITUS stepped up to the F3 level Formula Masters, winning multiple races and the 2013 Championship.

テレワーク 私用 外出 17, じゃがいも 収穫後 腐る 12, ミツエイ 洗濯洗剤 口コミ 41, ガルーバ 名古屋 事故 10, ジャニーズ 短足 ランキング 13, 島原地方の子守唄 歌詞 意味 15, 鹿児島ユナイテッドfc ユース セレクション 16, 牛乳 食前 食後 4, シックスパッド 効果 知恵袋 21, ルノー キャトル 専門店 9, 阪神 ハマスタ 強い 8, 芸能人 リスト 枕 20, 古畑任三郎 木村拓哉 動画 7, 身体 の表面 が冷たい 4, ドイツ 医師 地位 4, 商品 単位 数え方 19, 池袋 闇 写 9, ショーン キャシディ 現在 33, レオナルドダヴィンチ 名言 有名 10, アークナイツ ドクター 考察 45, Pso2 マナー盛り 2020 29, 戯言シリーズ アニメ 動画 24, 保阪尚希 通販 テレビ 10, 熊本市 事故 ツイッター 4, 松阪市 コパン 閉店 4, ヘッド ラケット エクストリーム 5, 折り紙 ひまわり 簡単 子供 14, ランゲ ラック 契約 年数 15, コナン 告白 セリフ 4, ズムサタ ミッキー 太った 17, 女々しくて Mp3 320kbps 5, 漫画 時間経過 表現 6, 210クラウン ダウンサス みんカラ 7, ヤードム 日本 禁止 17, 上田竜也 パパ 小説 10, ロードバイク サイズ フィッティング 6, ロイヤル ホームセンター ペット用品 5, 章太郎 モデル 年齢 50, インテル パソコン Cm女優 4, スカイライン R34 4dr トラブル 色々 4, シール貼り 内職 松本市 5, ピアノ コード 押さえ方 6, 和牛 川西 年齢 8, Pubgモバイル ガチャ シュミレーター 19, ウイイレ Coop プレースタイル 6, 2020 ドラフト候補 高校生 捕手 25, たむらけんじ 家 神戸 41, 西野七瀬 川村真洋 文春 4, ポケモン 男主 夢小説 43, 四字熟語 ダメ 人間 20, Motogp マシン 2019 4, 炭治郎 苦しい 小説 8, マイクラ 落下ダメージ 無効 5, 爆笑問題 田中 身長 13, エホバ 日々 のニュース 38,

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